Body Vision Medical, a medical device company specializing in augmented real-time imaging, has developed the Body Vision Solution, a software-driven intra-body navigation platform.

Seamlessly integrated into the flow of existing operating room procedures, Body Vision provides accurate real-time visualization, navigation and tools to access soft tissue targets such as early-stage cancerous lesions during diagnostic and treatment procedures.


Today, soft tissue lesions are diagnosed and treated through complex surgical procedures, with high risk to patients, long recovery periods and high costs.

Although the standard of care includes many imaging platforms to guide physicians pre-operatively, they remain blind during procedures in the operating room without real-time guidance, a crucial element for minimally invasive procedures.




Body Vision’s accurate real-time visualization and navigation operates inside the existing flow of operating room procedures, allowing physicians to maintain their protocol for diagnosing and treating patients, while adding the revolutionary benefit of real-time visualization.

The LungVision suite, an intra-body navigation system combined with a disposable navigation catheter, provides an affordable and effective real-time solution for early-stage lung cancer diagnostic procedures. The first application-specific implementation of the Body Vision platform to enter the clinical market.

Current virtual image offerings have high variability, making it difficult to know for sure if you are in the right airway. Body Vision offers a solution: real-time fluoroscopic imaging matched up with a CAT scan, allowing physicians to create a pathway and increase their ability to diagnose lung cancer. The main benefit of the LungVision system is that you are able to visualize a peripheral lesion in real time and guide the tools to its precise location.”
— Pat Whitten, MD.


Utilizing a sophisticated augmented reality approach, Body Vision Medical has developed a medical platform technology for accurate real-time navigation, allowing reliable diagnostic and treatment procedures for radiolucent soft tissue lesions. Body Vision software, hardware and disposable tools help surgeons plan, visualize, and track their navigation during these procedures.

A visual feature of Body Vision technology is synergistic imaging, merging intraoperative 2D with 3D pre-operative high-resolution imaging such as CT.



Minimally invasive real-time lesion localization and navigation


Seamless integration with a wide variety of clinical environments and tools



Significant reduction of procedure time and costs