The Story of Body Vision

  • Body Vision Medical was founded in 2014 by Dorian Averbuch. Averbuch pioneered, developed and commercialized a novel electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy approach at superDimension, where he learned about the broad field of interventional pulmonology and the specific challenges of early lung cancer detection.

  • From the start, Body Vision Medical’s vision has been to create a bridge into the new world, a world without lung cancer. To reach this vision, the company would forge a path to address the contemporary unmet clinical need of early lung cancer diagnostics and prepare for future minimally invasive treatments.

  • Body Vision leaders saw the promise of existing electromagnetic systems, but they provided only a partial solution due to technical limitations, high utilization and maintenance costs, lack of integration with existing technologies and tools, and a long learning curve. The company developed a better solution: a suite of LungVision products and tools to reach suspicious nodules in the deep periphery of the lungs accurately and reliably that allows seamless utilization and integration by a variety of existing of-the-shelf operational tools and modalities.

  • In 2016, Body Vision completed the first version of the LungVision system and submitted LungVision for FDA clearance, which was received in May 2017. Also in 2016, the company moved to its current offices in Ramat Ha Sharon, Israel, and opened a U.S. office in New York City. Body Vision has completed 200 clinical procedures as of Oct 2017.

  • Through continuous collaboration between physicians, clinical specialists and engineers of different specialties, Body Vision has focused on pioneering the new standard of care for lung diagnostics. Once verified for diagnostics, the LungVision approach will be used to introduce surgical markers for VATS or radio-surgery and, later, for minimally invasive treatment tools such as radiofrequency or microwave ablation.