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Finding Ways to Help: Supporting a Loved One Diagnosed with Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, three out of four American families will have a family member diagnosed with some form of cancer. That’s a lot of people who need love and support from the people closest to them, lots of opportunities to make a positive impact for people who find themselves fighting the biggest challenge of their lives.

LungVision Meets Unmet Needs in Lung Cancer Diagnosis

When radiologic imaging reveals a spot on the lung that physicians suspect may be lung cancer, a tissue biopsy is required to obtain a definitive diagnosis. Unlike lesions located in areas such as the stomach or colon, a lesion in the periphery of the lungs does not always have a clear, known or even visible pathway. A physician must advance a bronchoscope through the trachea into the lungs, where a complex network of airways branching into smaller airways presents very difficult challenges. Body Vision Medical has developed the Lung Vision solution which provides solutions to these specific challenges.